When the Unexpected Strikes Your Business Or Home, Count On Gohm!

Our Story

7906724As a young man I worked with my father’s construction business and learned the fundamentals of home building. After my wife and I purchased an old run down house, I put everything I knew into remodeling it. Shortly after finishing this project, there was a fire, leaving my family without a place to live. I didn’t know what to do. Fire repair is completely different from normal home building or remodeling. From this helpless feeling came a strong desire to learn the art of fire restoration.

My father pitched in and we both learned this new trade. That was thirty years ago. Now I work with my sons, but I still remember what it felt like to be burned out of a home. Maybe that’s why we take pride in our work and leisure from helping the customer get back into their home.

Our goal is to restore the damage done by fire, wind or water in a swift manner with a quality that satisfies all.

— Timothy Gohm