When the Unexpected Strikes Your Business Or Home, Count On Gohm!

Meet Our Team

Tim Gohm – President

6106443As a young man, I worked in my father’s business and learned the fundamentals of home building. After my wife and I purchased an old, run-down house, I put everything I knew into remodeling it. Shortly ‘after finishing this project, there was a fire, leaving my family without a place to live. I was devastated and didn’t know the first step to take. Fire repair is completely different from normal home building and remodeling. From this helpless feeling came a strong desire to learn the art of fire restoration.
My father pitched in and we both learned this new trade. That was thirty years ago. Now I work with my sons, but still remember what it felt like to be burned out of a home. Maybe that’s why we take pride in our work and feel the satisfaction in helping the customer get back into their home. Our goal is to restore the damage done by fire, wind or water in a swift manner with quality that satisfies all.

Chad Gohm – VP – GM

8890780I have been around the construction industry all of my life. I’ve worked with my father and brother growing up and working on Tim’s construction projects. I moved back from out West in 1996 and went to work with Tim and Cory full time. From there we have gone from 3 people to 30+ and continue to grow. I’ve personally worked in every position in the company from one time to another and helped to develop the positions to help the company grow.
One of the biggest lessons I’ve been taught by my father is Quality. We have been able to put the best people out front to represent our company as we would be out there doing it ourselves. One of our biggest referral sources is from our previous customers. I’m proud when we go over our lead sources of how many and the percentage of leads that come through the door are the repeat customers and it’s because of the great service and product that was provided to them. Every week we go over our customer response letters and it brings such a smile to my face on the high marks we get and the customers personally recognizing an individual person on their job. One of the best things about this is it’s not the same person being mentioned but always different people. That is the only way we can keep growing and providing a great service is the people that work with us on a daily basis.

I’m also the husband of Wonder Woman Trish Gohm and we have 3 beautiful boys who keep us laughing, and running around with all of their sporting events. It’s usually never a dull moment at our house.

Sherry Harmon

1363271139Sherry is our new Office and Accounting Manager/H.R. Coordinator. She graduated with honors from Davenport University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. She has over 15 years experience with Construction and Property Management.

While not at work, she and her husband Gerry enjoy boating, fishing and their families.

Everyone here is so courteous and Gohm is like no other company I have worked for – they truly appreciate and care for their employees. Being I’m in charge of the Human Resources, I was so pleased to see a company that just doesn’t say they are all about safety but one that stresses safety daily and with a “Safety Meeting” every Friday morning.


Connie Johnson – Structural Estimator and Project Manager

12620 Connie Johnson has rejoined the GOHM Team as a Project Manager in the Structure Department. She previously held the positions of Construction Coordinator and Construction Administration Assistant. Johnson recently graduated from Northwood University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. She also holds an Associate’s Degree in Construction Management from Delta College.

Johnson has over 20 years of construction and safety management experience. With her strong customer service skills along with her customer relations experience she is going to be a great asset to GOHM INSURANCE RESTORATION Team.

Liz Gohm – Business Development Associate

1591449Elizabeth “Liz” Gohm has been with Gohm Insurance Restoration since 2000. She started her career in the cleaning department working diligently learning the business from the ground up. Liz found her calling in marketing the family business, specifically forming lasting relationships with the local police and fire departments in the area we service. Her community involvement includes various fundraising activities; creator of the annual Guns and Hoses hockey event and Arson Watch in 2006.Liz sits on the Board of the One Hundred Club of Saginaw and has hosted their Annual Golf Outing Fundraiser for the past nine years. The organization contributes money each year for the benefit of families of Saginaw area police officers, firefighters and other county officers who have been killed in the line of duty

Working in the family business, I take pride in the work we provide to our community. Early on, each job I worked on had to pass my personal stamp of approval. Our customers deserve excellence and that is what we deliver. It is very rewarding to see a home restored to its original condition prior to the damage and the happy and pleased customers


 MMF picMary Margaret Fletcher

Mary Margaret Fletcher graduated from Wilson College in Chambersburg PA with a Bachelors Degree in business and art.  She retired from Saginaw County in 2009.  She owns her own business MM Designs.  She makes purses from gently used clothing.  She worked with Liz Gohm for several years as a volunteer for the 100 Club/Gohm Golf Outing.

This is her first experience working in the restoration business. Fletcher said, “I find everyday a learning experience.  Marketing a business is a continual process and working in a new industry brings lots of challenges, but I am up for the task.” Fletcher stated “She enjoys the challenges of learning new ways of marketing using the internet.  All “Gohm” employees are a part of the “Gohm” family and I enjoy being a part of the family.


 Cory Gohm – Lead Carpenter  and jack of all Trades

8831448Cory Gohm has been with Gohm from the beginning. He was one of our Lead Carpenters for several years but decided to take a step back from the front line on a daily basis and manage the warehouse and all of the inner workings that go with that on a daily basis. Cory has been in the construction field since he was literally 4 years old, working side by side with Tim Gohm and projects from building a house to building a store. The employees around here are always amazed the way Cory can think outside the box and come up with a way to make something work or solve a construction problem with his out of the box thinking, truly a gift he has. Cory is always ready to get dirty and put in a hard days work 24/7

Tim Thurston – Project Manager – Emergency Department

391259324/7 Tim is ready to respond to your Emergency Needs.

Customer love the way he puts them at ease in their moment of distress. With IICRC certificates under his belt he is ready to serve you if it’s a specialty dry down or if it’s to get your flooring to shine.
Thank you Tim for representing the Front line is such a professional manner.

Tim has a wife and 2 daughter and 3 grandchildren and enjoys working outside. If he’s not working outside he’s probably bowling and keeping his average up.

Keep up the great work Tim!





IMG_2651Connie Auch –

Front Desk Coordinator / Project Coordinator

Connie attended Saginaw Valley State University.  She brings 10 plus years office experience with 2 being in the restoration industry.

“I love the restoration business;  I get to help people on one of their worst days being a homeowner.  Rather it be a flooded basement or fire emergency or something else.  Keeping the homeowner clam and letting them know Gohm is here to help them thru the restoration process is a great joy to me.  There is just something about a local family business in your community.”

While not at work, she is a mother of 3 kids and plays a very active role in the Boy Scouts of America.


Chris Gonzalez – Lead Technician

293537Chis has been with Gohm for a couple of years now and is always eager to do his best for the customer and Gohm. We are always hearing from the customers on how well Chris did with their project and how well Chris treated them personally. Chris has always got a smile on his face when out in the field and hear that directly from the customers. Thanks Chris for the great job you do


Fred Diezel – Lead Carpenter

7193270Fred has been with Gohm for over 17+ years. Fred has been a long time asset in the construction dept. Past clients ask for him by name to have him on their projects. Fred’s attention to details on his jobs and the way he has positively turned a bad situation like a fire or water damage loss and turned it into a positive experience for the customers and bringing their structure back into a better than pre-loss condition.

Fred enjoys his wife Robin and his 2 kids that are out of the house.


Justin Berkey – Lead Carpenter

4090436Justin has been with Gohm for 8+ years. Justin started out as a carpenters helper and worked his way up to a Lead Carpenter. Justin is also cross trained in the Emergency side of Gohm and is always willing to step up and go that extra mile for the customers and Gohm. If your ever lucky enough to have Justin on one of your projects you will find out that he always attacks his projects with a smile on his face no matter of the situations. As I write this it reminds me of just a short time ago when I was doing a final walk through at a customers house and I asked the Homeowner how our carpenters did and if she was happy and they treated her with respect. She said she could not believe that attitude of our guys and mentioned Justin in particular that at one point they were crawling through her sand crawlspace that was covered with category 3 water (black water) and when she saw them come out of there he seriously came out with a smile on his face like it was nothing and it really put her at ease.

Justin has a growing family that he spends with in his spare time and a fun fact about all of his kids names they are all named after Beatles songs