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Donation Policy

As part of the community, Gohm Insurance Restoration believes in helping in various ways. With this in mind we have designed a donation policy that will help ensure that money, time & energy donated is used in the best way possible.

To support the community we feel that a cause needs to either bring long lasting effects to a broad base of the community, or it needs to be a charity or group that is directly tied to and supported by our Gohm “Family” of employees. That would include teams of our employees and their children. We will sponsor a fundraiser only if an employee is directly involved.

Gohm has a discretionary fund that we will use to help support various local charities. Spending of these funds must be approved by the leadership team. The party wishing a contribution must fill out and submit a to donation request form the leadership team. These forms can be found on-line. After reviewing the request as well as considering funds already spent, the team must then give approval. This can be done by meeting or through email.

If You Are Looking For Donations Please Complete Form